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This server will be shutdown and migrated to a new machine on Thursday, 20 July 2017, between 09:00 and 17:00 AEST (see this page to convert this to your local time zone). It will not be available during that time. Any existing data will also not be available after the upgrade, please ensure you download the output of your jobs before the shutdown.

Do you have SNP genotype data and are interested in studying KIR gene variation? The KIR*IMP method will allow you to impute various KIR types using your data, including KIR gene copy number, KIR A or B haplotype and gene-content haplotypes.

See the documentation for instructions on how to prepare and upload your SNP data for imputation.

The accuracy of the imputated KIR types is highly dependent on your data. Generally speaking, dense and accurate SNP genotypes from the KIR gene region is recommended. The method has been designed and validated with data from individuals of European ancestry (see Publications).

This service is intended for academic use only. Please consult our Terms & Conditions for further details. If you are a non-academic user and want to use our imputation methodology, please contact us.

If you use our software, please cite us in your publications and reports (see Publications for details).

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